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( Dec. 4th, 2009 07:45 pm)
Dusted off the Dreamwidth account for the first time in months, just to see whether it would work, and whether it still cross-posts to LiveJournal.

Need to maintain my networks better.

Doctor Sardonica has been in full force here today, for a variety of reasons... the remembrances of bad anniversaries, the changing air pressure due to the complex weather system moving in, frustration with city bureaucracy, and getting caught in the middle of others' arguments.

Every piece of music I have played on the Cyberleader today has had an angry undertone in my testy mind, even the most melodic, whether intentional or not by the artist.

I've only just gotten rid of the sinus headache I woke up with, and I really hope I do not have to go through another angry day tomorrow.

I'm trying to defeat the growing mountains of catalogues and tax forms and notes-to-self and to-be-answered-correspondence around here, but it's looking to be a never-ending battle.

I managed to give the boy a jolly good laugh last night by wistfully mentioning "if the living room was ever uncluttered enough for non-family company..." The only place without paperwork of some kind is the bathroom.

Oh, well. I'll keep plugging away between now and Memorial Day.

It's a very verdant day outside amidst the grey chill. Almost everything that *has* leaves has leafed out fully.

Our pear tree has flowered, and it makes the strangest green silhouettes against the windowshade. The mountain ash has been in full flower for a week, and the forsythia has been rampant for about three weeks.

Despite all this greenness, it really feels like a "Haunted Summer" kind of day. The fog makes all the trees look like green torches, and the house and what I can see from its windows feels like the only place that exists in the entire world.

The spell will be broken when we get into the car to do our mundane errands, alas. But for now the world has a muffled and almost magic feel.

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( May. 4th, 2009 04:53 pm)

Poor sleep coupled with weather-related headaches means you get bullet-points instead of real content today, my Gentle Readers. Apologies.

* New post up at Bookseller By Night, which used up most of my thinky-thoughts quotient for the last few days. Please read and comment on it; I'd like to know I'm not the only one who looks at books that way.

* New post at The Mike's Comics blog regarding magazine subscriptions; I begin to wonder of I'm the last retailer in the US carrying TORCHWOOD MAGAZINE.

* We've gotten off to a fine start with [community profile] blog_stokers_dracula; it's being cross-promoted at Twitter and being plugged hard by Michael Gordon and Bryan Alexander. There's still plenty of time to join in the fun; add us!

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The coolest part of the house right now is the basement.

This house was built in 1914; Lovecraft would feel quite at home here. Hence the Lovecraftian subject line.

This house holds the temperature of whatever the day before it reached. In bitter cold weather, it is cold for a day longer than an outdoor cold snap. In hot weather, it retains that heaviness for a full day before dissipating.

We've had four days of the outdoors being in the high 80's. Yesterday was the "cool" day of the stretch, reaching a high of "only" 86. Today is already at the mid-nineties.

Sunday night sleeping was uncomfortable; last night sleep was impossible.

I have work to do in my hot, hot kitchen, which houses my hot, hot computer, and have work to do in my hot, hot bedroom. I'm trying to give myself reasons to go to the basement to cool off between hot, hot tasks.

With two fans at full blast, and an attempt at trapping a cross-breeze, I'm still about to melt into a hot, hot pool of Lovecraftian ichor.

Crystal is going to help us put the less ancient of our ancient air conditioners in the bedroom window tonight. Today is my half-birthday, and I think this is the earliest we've ever had to install and use the A/C here in not-so-merrie Newe Englande.

Testing the cross-posting function on Dreamwidth to LiveJournal.

I'm back to using FitDay to track food and back to being more regular about my exercising.

The first five pounds came off easily in the first three weeks, but I haven't really budged in the past seven weeks... still hovering between 154 and 156.

Today, I broke the 25-minute mark on the stationary bike, and the 5-mile mark on the treadmill.

I've made fits and starts at sweeping loose debris in our driveway, which the boy tells me is good core exercise.

The weekend was too hot for me to take any long walks, which makes me feel the best. Yes, anything above 80 degrees is too hot for me.
Should I create a community here at Dreamwidth, similar to my [profile] blogdracula community?

Please advise.
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( Apr. 16th, 2009 11:16 am)
I was fortunate enough to get an invite code from someone dear to me, so here I am on Dreamwidth.

I expect that this may be a mirror to LiveJournal; it may end up as a mishmash of posts from all three of my LiveJournals. We shall see.