It's a very verdant day outside amidst the grey chill. Almost everything that *has* leaves has leafed out fully.

Our pear tree has flowered, and it makes the strangest green silhouettes against the windowshade. The mountain ash has been in full flower for a week, and the forsythia has been rampant for about three weeks.

Despite all this greenness, it really feels like a "Haunted Summer" kind of day. The fog makes all the trees look like green torches, and the house and what I can see from its windows feels like the only place that exists in the entire world.

The spell will be broken when we get into the car to do our mundane errands, alas. But for now the world has a muffled and almost magic feel.

The coolest part of the house right now is the basement.

This house was built in 1914; Lovecraft would feel quite at home here. Hence the Lovecraftian subject line.

This house holds the temperature of whatever the day before it reached. In bitter cold weather, it is cold for a day longer than an outdoor cold snap. In hot weather, it retains that heaviness for a full day before dissipating.

We've had four days of the outdoors being in the high 80's. Yesterday was the "cool" day of the stretch, reaching a high of "only" 86. Today is already at the mid-nineties.

Sunday night sleeping was uncomfortable; last night sleep was impossible.

I have work to do in my hot, hot kitchen, which houses my hot, hot computer, and have work to do in my hot, hot bedroom. I'm trying to give myself reasons to go to the basement to cool off between hot, hot tasks.

With two fans at full blast, and an attempt at trapping a cross-breeze, I'm still about to melt into a hot, hot pool of Lovecraftian ichor.

Crystal is going to help us put the less ancient of our ancient air conditioners in the bedroom window tonight. Today is my half-birthday, and I think this is the earliest we've ever had to install and use the A/C here in not-so-merrie Newe Englande.



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